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Electromagnetic Technologies Industries, Inc. (ET Industries) is an engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacture state-of-the-art RF components, subsystems and systems. With the broadest frequency range in the industry (10 MHz to 67 GHz) coupled with low VSWR, high directivity and moderate insertion loss, ET Industries’ products are among the best in the industry and ET Industries is considered one of the leading engineering firms in its field.

• Frequency: 0.5 to 67 GHz
• Low VSWR, High Directivity

• Frequency: 0.5 to 67 GHz
• Low VSWR, High Isolation

• Frequency: 0.5 to 65 GHz
• Low VSWR, High Isolation
• 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 Way

• QPSK Modulators
• Vector Modulators
• Bi-Phase Modulators
• I & Q Demodulators
• Voltage Controlled Oscillators

• Frequency: 1.0 to 40 GHz
• Low VSWR, High Isolation

• Frequency: 1.0 to 18 GHz
• Passive or Active Networks
• Sidelobe Suppression options
• Customized frequency bands and beams per sector upon request

ET Industries products have been tested to withstand environmental screening as per
MIL-STD-202 for operating temperature, storage temperature, vibration, shock, altitude, humidity, and salt spray.

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Directional Couplers / Detectors

90/180 Degree Hybrid Couplers

Power Dividers

RF Active Components

Monopulse Comparators

Antenna Beamforming Networks

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